About Templamatic

democracy in web businessTemplamatic’s main goal is to become a democratic and liberal marketplace for people to buy and sell web design templates. We do our best to keep all the things behind the scenes visible to all comers. Please don't hesitate to share/express your ideas or suggestions on our forum or our social network pages fb.com/templamatic (international) vk.com/templamatic (for the Russian speaking).



Love matters more than money picture.Our business model is so-called low profit which means we invest 100% of the commissions we charge our template creators into marketing and promotion of the themes (especially those that are designed for little-known and overlooked open source content management systems).




collaboration over profitsWho stands behind Templamatic ?  albeit Templamatic is a community-driven project with members from all over the world, customer care and development is being performed/done by 2 web enthusiasts (Alexander & Nikolai ) from Nikolaev, Ukraine. You are also welcome to join decision-making process in Templamatic's web marketing campaigns, re-design and functionality expansion. We won't be able to offer you a financial gratitude for your contribution, but there's something more than money, simply contact us.