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Feb. 20, 2012 Newsletter "New server. Better Template Upload Process

Newsletter Statistics, Results and Additional Info :

E-mail subject: "Better Template Update Process"

Goal: To inform template designers about improved file upload process.

Recipients:  Registered users with at least one template draft uploaded.  - 270


Designers would appreciate faster upload and submit more templates.


No new templates were uploaded within 3 days after the newsletter was sent.


And though this news didn't make template authors (who already used Templamatic) upload more templates, the daily number of submitted web templates increased since we migrated to a dedicated hosting.

E-Mail Body:

Hello %NAME%,

I am glad to inform you that Templamatic got moved to a new powerful dedicated server and now template update/upload is much faster and absolutely hassle-free. You can log into your account, update the details of your item(s) and submit it for approval. Average template approval time is less than 4 hours =)

Thank You for Your creativity and Your willing to share it with the world =)



Templamatic Moderator

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