By kandakov in Templamatic's Newsletters on Date 11/26/2012

Dec.26 2012, "Who stands behind Templamatic" Newsletter

 Appeal from the owner of, Alexander Kandakov, to all the registered users.

Newsletter Statistics, Results and Additional Info :

E-mail subject: 

"Who stands behind Templamatic ?"


To introduce the new owner of Templamatic (Alexander Kandakov) to all the registered users.

To cleanse our user database of the spam accounts.


All the registered users 10591


Designers would appreciate faster upload and submit more templates.


1290 accounts were recognized as spam and deleted


I, Alexander Kandakov, really was hoping that people who received my email would join me in social networks, but the number of people who actually replied to the newsletter could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

E-Mail Body:

Hello %NAME%,

I am Alexander, the new owner of Templamatic =)

Templamatic‘s intention is to become an international virtual hub for IT specialists to cooperate and communicate, so I kindly ask you to join any of my business social networks for discussing some awesome ideas and negotiating partnership opportunities =)


=) Don’t hesitate to join any of my personal social networks just to ask what it’s like to be Ukrainian, or what’s the weather like in Nikolaev (my city) for instance =)))) (in russian) (in russian)

P.S.  It’s a one time newsletter mailing with a request like that =) I just wanted to say 'Hi' to all the registered users =)))

Thank You for your time and consideration =) I'll be extremely glad to new acquaintances !

Alexander Kandakov

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