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Feb. 2, 2012 Newsletter "Your templates need Your attention."

This newsletter was sent on Feb. 2, 2012 to some of the Templamatic's web template designers asking them to update their template drafts.

Newsletter Statistics, Results and Additional Info :

E-mail subject: "Your templates @ Templamatic need Your attention =)"

Goal: To induce template authors update their template drafts and submit templates for approval. 

Recipents:  Registered users with at least one template draft uploaded.  - 273


1. Template authors will see that the project is alive and being modified.

2. Some designers will upload new themes.

3. Designers see my social networks accoutns in the email signature and add me.


1. 1 new template was uploaded. 

2. 2 new connections in linkedin

3. 12 emails could not be delivered - cheched the user accounts manually - they turned out to be spam accounts and were terminated.


Results were much worse than expected. It's hard to say whether the email was ignored, caught by spam filters or template authors just didn't care about their templates. There was no any feedback.

E-Mail Body:

Hello %NAME%,

At the moment there are several web templates on that were uploaded by you a while ago. Please log into your account and update the details of your item(s). You can recover your password here.

Please note, that Templamatic is being re-constructed and it’s being really “raw” right now (sorry about that). But before announcing the site’s official re-launch and initiating promotional activities we would love to receive your feedback on the current template edit/upload interface so we can perform certain changes according to your requests to  make the resource more user-friendly.

Thank You very much. I truly appreciate your time and will mention your help in the Thank You blog post. We are also open to all sort of partnership proposals, so please don't hesitate to contact me regarding any question or idea =)



Templamatic Moderator



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