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Alexander Kandakov's manifesto @Templamatic

Find out who stands behind Templamatic and what is he standing up for. A self-interview by Ukrainian blogger and web entrepreneur Alexander Kandakov.

Alexander Kandakov from Templamatic
Hello, my name is Alexander Kandakov and I am the person responsible for lots of things happening behind the scenes of Templamatic. Albeit is registered under my name, I hate to be called the owner of this resource and I would rather be referred to as an enthusiast as I don't get paid for what I am doing here. I am humbly hoping I'll be able to serve the basic needs of the community on the early stages so it would grow in an autonomous entity with its own sub-culture, authorities and mission in the nearest future.

The most frequent questions people ask me:

1. Why are you running the resource without getting paid ?

Money Enslaves People"Man shall not live on bread alone" is probably the best way to describe my motivation. The experience of running such a resource is priceless and it might be rewarding in the long run and I'll implement all the lessons I learn in my future start ups. Seeing people from all over the Globe cooperate is the fuel for my motivation engine. Pursuit of profit does put lots of restrictions on what you do, so at least at this project I want to be as candid in taking decisions as one can get.

2. How would you define your work style/ethic ? 

symbiosisFor me,doing business is all about establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. If I feel competing against anyone, than something has gone completely wrong! Symbiosis is the way to go, and I don't consider myself humiliated if I am that bird cleaning crocodile's teeth =) ! If you think of me as a competitor just contact me and I might change your mind ;) But please note, none of the agreements or partnerships will/can hurt interests of Templamatic's visitors/members/contributors;)


3. No Money. No responsibility. Right ? Wrong !

good reputation in businessSome might doubt my devotion to the project as the triggers of my motivation seem to be quite vague. Please let me assure you that reputation in start-up/entrepreneurship world is the the most solid currency and being a decent man is way more important for me than making a quick buck. I am doing all my online activities by my real name so if I fail I'll take all the responsibility for it.


4. What happens to Templamatic if you move on to another project ?

movingActually it's one of the most expected days in my professional life when Templamatic community chooses its own leaders who will be recognized as great experts in web design/usability. Until then I'll do my best to coordinate all the efforts of Templamatic users to make the atmosphere creativity-provoking. I'll be glad to implement ideas on how to improve the overall site experience after a broad discussion on our forum/social network or (for Russian speaking).

 5. What are your closest goals?

goalBy the end of 2015 I hope all the people who'll form the backbone of Templamatic will get acquainted (at least virtually ) and we will learn how to work in synergy =). I will also work really hard to popularize Templamatic, so all the templates created by our authors will get the exposure they deserve.... hmm... I really feel bold and ambitious today (Dec 31 2014) so I foresee Templamatic'c Alexa rank to be ~100 000 by Dec 31 2015 =) Now it's 513' 708. As for template sales it's vital to make Templamatic's net income be more than $100/mo to cover hosting expenses, thus the sum for sold templates should exceed 1000/mo.... now it's around $100.

6. My turn to ask questions ! =)

interrogationWhat are your expectations of Templamatic ? What stops you from getting envolved in this project? Do you think I should've hidden my Ukrainian identity and work under some American pseudonym like Vince Wicks or Lex Koff to avoid prejudices, stereotypes, critisism or even presecutions (from unethical companies with post-soviet management and philosophy)?


  • kandakov
    2 years ago
    Thank You, lexoyo, for your warm words ! I am glad to see Silex CMS themes uploaded and sold at our template marketplace =) !
  • lexoyo
    2 years ago
    Hey Alexander! Great site, great guy ) What I like in templamatic is that it is really simple to upload, sell, and have a live preview of the site. I could not find any other platform to do this as simply and quickly. As a free software enthusiast I would love to see it freed ) Thank you!
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