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Feb. 21, 2012 "Templamatic Re-Launch" Newsletter


We sent 'Templamatic re-launch' email to all the registered users. Out of 13516 recipients only 2 template designers replied and promised to upload templates.

Newsletter Statistics, Results and Additional Info :

Newsletter Date: Feb.21, 2012

E-mail subject: "Important Notice and Latest News @ Templamatic."

Goal: To inform all the registered users about Templamatic re-lauch and to clean our database from the spam accounts and the people who are not interested in our template marketplace any more (not to bother them in the future).

Recipients: All the registered users. 14655 emails were sent. 13516 went through.

Expectations: The people who are not interested in receiving emails from Templamatic or don't want/cannot be the part of Templamatic community would ask them to remove from our user database or our newsletter subscribers database. The template authors and potential template buyers would get notified about Templamatic's relaunch.


1. 14655 emails did not go through. Most of the spam accounts were registered under the invalid email accounts.

2. 2 Template authours (kicoe & amr_elngm6) replied to the newsletter and demonstrated eagerness to upload some templates to Templamatic.

3. 23 users unsubcsribed from our newsletter.


We expected more feedback and were hoping to hear back from people whose templates had been uploaded on Templamatic for a while. I understand that some of the emails got caught by spam filters, but still...

E-Mail Body:

Hello %NAME%,

Templamatic has been dramatically updated since your last visit . Please visit the site to see what’s new.  Any sort of feedback is highly appreciated =)

We are also in search for people who might be interested in any sort of partnership or cooperation, so please don’t hesitate to share your ideas and contact me. Thank You  =)

Please note, that it's a one-time notification sent to all registered users. You can log into your account and update your profile details. Thank You.


P.S. The image I used in this post was borrowed from this page
I followed this tutorial to add curved text in Gimp.

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