By bh4k in Web Design on Date 03/28/2008

FREE PSD Layer Template For Your Next Design

You just spent 2 days grueling over a new design. You are about to hit save, when you see there are 50 unnamed layers in the layers pallet.

Your heart sinks as you realize it's going to take you twenty more minutes to clean up all the layers and name them right. If only you had a handy PSD Layer Template to start your project off on the right foot.

Download the FREE PSD Layer Template for your next web design project and avoid the layer nightmare.

The FREE PSD Layer Template was built for optimal control over your Photoshop layers while doing a website layout. It is not so much a visual guide, but a structural guide for how to organize your layers for maximum flexibility and organization.

Imagine, you have just added 10 text layers to the sidebar on the right side, and are now thinking it would really look better on the left. Having a ready made sidebar folder will make it super simple to flop things around until it's just right.

The real power of the FREE PSD Layer Template is the nested folder structure. Each logical section of a website is represented by a nested folder. The root folder is called "Page". Inside the page folder are sub folders for all the major elements including the header, body, sidebar and footer. And nested within the sub folders are even more folders for more specific content such as logo, navigation, feature areas and more.

Having a folder structure that mimics how most websites are actually laid out gives you a lot of modular control over your elements and makes moving them around much easier. It also helps with the design process as you can turn off folders, or groups of folders to see how it impacts your over all design.

Having the entire site nested within a single page folder also makes it extremely easy to separate the site from it's background, and drag it around and center it on the page.

No more losing layers, or getting confused. Just open the FREE PSD Layer Template, ctrl click on the layer you want to work on, replace it with your own design and you will be well on your way to a great design.

If you have any ideas, or feedback on the FREE PSD Layer Template, please share them in the comments below.


  • kandakov
    2 years ago
    the PSD file mentioned in the post seems to be missing and I will fix this in the nearest future. Dear visitors, if you ever discover a not working link on Templamatic, please inform me about the issue. Thank You.
  • BostonDave
    10 years ago
    Thank you!
  • clarklab
    10 years ago
    Awesome stuff, I'll start using this on my new templates.
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