By Templamatic in Promotions on Date 04/11/2008

Free Template Friday - WPViddler Now Free!

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To reward our registered users, and to help promote the newly launched we are offering our new template, WPViddler as a FREE download.


WPViddler is a sweet new Wordpress 2.5 template that has some slick features. The inspiration behind this template was to offer a compelling interface for video bloggers who want a featured video post on their homepage that is separate from their regular blog posts. There are also different list pages for regular blog posts and video posts so you can easily see your different content types.

Not only did we design it to look like a video blog, but we've included the latest video blogging functionality as well. This template utilizes the latest and greates Viddler plugins like Viddler Companion and Viddler RSS. Now your blog can have video comments directly in a blog post, recorded through You can also display a list of your most recent videos in your sidebar.

One of my favorite features of this template is the semi transparent edges which allow you to see the cool textures in the background image.There are 3 different backgrounds to go with this template for you to choose from, Cork, Grass, and Concrete.


This template is a must have for video bloggers looking to bring their blog to new heights. To download this template, simply register for free to, login and browse to the WPViddler page. You can add it to your cart like other paid templates, but you won't be required to pay. Checkout as normal, and the template will be available in your account section.

If you have any trouble downloading the file, please let us know. Enjoy!

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