By vandelay in online business on Date 04/11/2008

Getting Off the Sidelines

For bloggers, website owners and online entrepreneurs there is an abundance of information available intended to help you learn what it takes to run a successful online business of your own.


For bloggers, website owners and online entrepreneurs there is an abundance of information available intended to help you learn what it takes to run a successful online business of your own. With the vast resources that are available, why aren't more people able to make a significant income online? Personally, I think for most of us that are working towards the goal of a successful online business there is a disconnect between the information that is available and the task of actually making it happen. In many cases, I think we have the knowledge that is necessary to be successful, but putting that knowledge into action is what separates the successful from those standing on the sidelines.

Reasons for the Disconnect:

1. Some of the information out there isn't reliable or accurate. Anyone can publish online, so it's hard to know who you can trust. Knowing what is good advice and what is not is difficult if you're new to the industry. The bad information makes it hard to trust the people that actually know what they're talking about.

2. Information becomes out-of-date fairly quickly, but it is still available to be read. Many of the money-making techniques that worked online 5 years ago are not very effective today. And many of the techniques that work today are unlikely to work 5 years from now.

3. The biggest problem though, in my opinion, is people not putting what they are reading into practice. Some of us try intentionally to gather as much knowledge as possible before getting started, usually in fear of making a mistake. Others unintentionally get preoccupied with everything that is available and it takes too much time and distracts them from taking action.

Reasons to Start Acting On Your Knowledge:

1. Getting started is unavoidable if you want to succeed online. Show me any type of successful entrepreneur and I'll show you someone who took action and got started at some point. It sounds obvious, but it is a crucial step that many of us put off too long.

2. You'll never know everything there is to know. Regardless of how long you delay taking action and moving towards your goals, there will always be volumes that you can still learn. If you wait until you know everything there is to know you will never get started.

3. You'll always make some mistakes. Even top online entrepreneurs make mistakes. Having an unusually large fear of failure will not help you to deal with the mistakes that are bound to happen. Don't try to be perfect, just work with what you know for now and keep learning.

4. You'll learn more from doing than you will from reading or listening to others. There is plenty that you can learn from others who have gone before you, but most of us learn much more effectively by being involved. If you do make a mistake you'll learn from it and you'll be better off than you were before you ever got started.

5. It will put you one step closer to your goals. Whatever your ultimate goals may be, getting started will get you a bit closer to making those goals a reality. In many cases it's the hardest part, so why not jump in and get moving towards those goals?

Tips for putting your knowledge into practice:

1. Set goals with deadlines. Setting goals is important, and making those goals time-sensitive is equally important. Goals without deadlines will drag on and they'll give you little reason to put your knowledge and your abilities into action. Goals that will challenge you to get things done fairly quickly will motivate you to get moving.

2. Use a to-do list everyday. One of the productivity lessons that I've learned through my own experience is that to-do lists really work. Without one I may drift without focus, even if I am working long hours. With a prioritized list I don't waste any time figuring out what I need to do with my time and I am motivated to keep moving from one item to the next. I like to either create a list the night before, or right at the start of the day before I begin working.

3. Schedule your work time. Most bloggers and online entrepreneurs are doing so on a part-time basis, usually hoping it will lead to a full-time income. The less time that you have available, the more important it is more you to make efficient use of that time. Especially for those who have a full-time job, scheduling blocks of time throughout the week to work on your blog or website will make a huge difference in your productivity.

4. Keep reading and learning, but limit the time you spend on these activities. Don't let accumulation of knowledge distract you from learning through your own experiences. If you have a ton of RSS feeds in your feed reader, get rid of the ones that you don't need.

5. Apply what you read to your situation. After you have read an article that you think you can learn from, take a moment to think about how you can put the ideas taught in the article into practice for your own website. This will help you to take that book knowledge and turn it into real-world knowledge that has a purpose.

6. Hold yourself accountable. If your online ventures are to become a legitimate business, you'll need to hold yourself accountable for the results. I'm not saying you should beat yourself up if you don't achieve your goals, but you should approach an online business with the same dedication that you would approach a more traditional business.

7. Identify your motivation. You started a blog or a website for some reason. Whatever is your motivation, identify it and use it to help you progress towards your goal. If your motivation is to make a full-time income online, keep that motivation in mind and allow it to drive you to better results.


  • kandakov
    2 years ago
    Thank you for great tips, though they might sound like common sense, I sometimes find some excuses not to follow these simple rules. What really dramatically improved my effectiveness is renting a workplace in a coworking center. Working from home was too distractive.
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