By kandakov in Templamatic's Newsletters on Date 03/13/2013

March.05 2013, 1-Time Newsletter to All the Templamatic Users


The newsletter was sent to the all registered users to clean out our user data base from spam/incactive accounts. 

Newsletter Statistics, Results and Additional Info :

E-mail subject: "Important Notice and Latest News @ Templamatic"

Goal: To clean out our user data base out of spam accounts and let people who are not interested in a project any more to delete their profiles.

Recipients:  All registered users - 9077.


Templamatic will have up-to-date list of active users and designers so we won't be sending  unsolicited emails.


1552 accounts were permanently deleted. 2 users got interested in our affiliate program and put up banners on their websites pointing to Templamatic.


I hated to send this notice to all the users, even those who unchecked the box 'receive newsletter', but it was the only way to delete all the spam/inactive accounts. Templamatic lets its users place links on the profile pages and that's a great incentive to spammers. 

E-Mail Body:

Hello %NAME%,

Please, note, that this is a onetime e-mail that has been sent to all registered users @ Templamatic to clean our database of spam accounts. If you wish to be removed from future newsletters please click %UNSUBSCRIBE%. You can also ask to delete your account by just replying with a request to this email.

I am glad to announce that Templamatic’s community is growing and besides that we get partners among CMS developers (ImpressPages, SkyBlueCanvas) Templamatic’s exposure on the official CMS resource led to the increase of our visitors' interest in these content management systems.

Our recently launched affiliate program is working like a charm and we are proud to help web design bloggers and web development site owners to have a passive income and keep them financially motivated to publish great content. If you are still not in, please give it a try and provide us with a feedback.

Last but not least news: now it’s much easier to promote your templates and share the content you like with the help of social network share buttons. Also please like us on facebook =)



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