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Online advertising made EXTREMELY easy.

In the not so distant past, adding advertising to your site, or trying to advertise for your site was not a very friendly process.

In the not so distant past, adding advertising to your site, or trying to advertise for your site was not a very friendly process. Of course there was Google AdSense and AdWords but it lacked the granular control of picking where to advertise by hand. If you wanted to advertise your site within a smaller niche, or even on a buddies website the process was all done manually and had to be custom built every time. You had to strike individual deals with site owners, and hope for the best. There was something special about this period because you could see the relationships being built by watching who was advertising where, and the process was slow enough you could get a sense of how it was moving. Over time, with the proliferation of blogging and the ever growing design niche, an opportunity arose to create a more concrete marketplace to buy and sell ads.

buy sell ads review took full advantage of this opportunity by launching their new ad marketplace. Their marketplace is split into two groups, publishers and advertisers. The publishers side is for site owners and content publishers who have advertising space to sell on their website. They can register for an account at, add details about their website such as the url, description and set a per month price for various ad spots they have created. The other side is for advertisers who want to promote their products and services on one or many different websites.

My initial experience with has been that of an advertiser. As an advertiser, I was able to browse a catalogue of hundreds of websites with detailed information about each one. Information such as the price and url are good to have, but we also get valuable information such as the page rank, alexa rating and other details that make the decision making process much easier. By comparing the price, statistics and the overall relevance of a website to your particular product, you can get a very good sense of where to advertise. I personally found this process to be fascinating, rewarding and fun.

Once you have identified which websites you want to advertise on, the next step is as easy as clicking a buy now button and uploading your ad graphic. Each ad you buy on is essentially a monthly subscription that renews every 30 days until you cancel it. So if you use PayPal to pay for your subscription, you can actually manage your subscriptions through If not, you can use a similar interface built into that allows you to view subscription details and easily cancel an ad should you find it's not bringing you the return you expected.

Perhaps the best feature of this system is that your ads will show up immediately after purchase. When you sign up as a publisher, you add code to your website that hardwires your site to the ad marketplace. So when an advertiser chooses to advertise with you, their ad shows up instantly. There is nothing like instant gratification to keep customers coming back for more! And if you are a publisher who is concerned about reviewing ad content before it goes live, you can request to manualy review and approve ads before they are published.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to advertise on the most relevant sites, I highly recommend



  • kandakov
    2 years ago
    BSA is also a great tool to see popular and active sites in the niche you are interested in.
  • bh4k
    10 years ago
    I wouldn't have written it if I didn't really mean it. It was really easy and effective. I had gotten a quote with one of your less graphical competitors and the quality of the sites quoted was nothing compared to your selection. Also being able to review sites before buying in such an open and direct manner was great! Best of luck with the site!
  • toddynho
    10 years ago
    Ben, thanks for the review! Glad to see you had an awesome experience with us.
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