By Templamatic in Web Design on Date 04/01/2008

Startup bloggers write up Templamatic

A big thanks to all the bloggers announcing the beta launch!

We wanted to thank the bloggers who took notice of our beta launch and announced it to their readers.

Thanks to David Laubner who writes from his startup blog for mentioning us.

We'd also like to thank and

who both asked "How much would you pay for a blog template?" to which I reply "How much would you pay for a blog template that is supported by a knowledgeable and friendly group of web designers?".

Thanks so much for the links!


  • kandakov
    2 years ago
    Long live all the bloggers who are willing to inform their readers about some events in web design industry free of charge =))) I have contacted a few site owners and all of them wanted a financial compensation for a post about Templamatics relaunch... btw guest posts are very welcome at Templamatic, I am also willing to write a review about web designweb development resource, service, etc...
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