By kandakov in Site News & Announcements on Date 01/05/2015

Accomplishments/Failures of 2014. Goals for 2015

See what the Templamaticians have achieved/failed this year.

Accomplishments of 2014.

screenshot from the 132 new registered template authors.

new icon725 new templates have been uploaded and approved.

cute cat80 people liked our Facebook page. 74 - liked page.

Failures of 2014.

ever young Keanu ReevesWe failed to make a re-design of

screenshot from 10% less people visited Templamatic in comparison to the last year.

sleeping vendor 0nly 24 template sales.

Goals for 2015.

before&after makeup Templamatic's redesign.

gansta wannabe Sales increase. At least 100 sales/mo by the end of '15.

kids building bricksForming a team of enthusiasts willing to accomplish Templamatic's tasks.

What are your expectations of Templamatic this year?


  • kandakov
    2 years ago
    Alex, Hopefully more designers and web masters will appreciate the advantages of the Silex CMS and well see more themes uploaded Templamatic =) I personally really liked this CMS !
  • lexoyo
    2 years ago
    Hi This is the only place we want to sell Silex templates :) So I guess we can help on the sales increase part Best, Alex from Silex Labs
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