By aaron in online business on Date 11/30/2015

Top 10 Sales Experts to Follow on Twitter and Why?

Social networks can be not only addictive time-wasters, but can help you with receiving advice and tips from sales gurus to become more proficient in marketing. 

Social media has opened the flow of information worldwide, and a number of businesses are learning to use it for more than just direct advertising. By connecting with important leaders in your industry, you’ll gain valuable information, and a way to connect with others who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Twitter is a great easy way to engage with others and the content they post, but these are the top 10 sales experts you should follow for the best sales prospecting techniques and advice. 

1. Jonathan Farrington @topsalesworld 

Farrington founded Top Sales World, one of the most internationally known resources for sales. His platform offers updates from experts on many of the best practices for sales, and his Twitter contains updates directly from there. With over 100,000 followers, he is a bonafide sales guru. 

2. Jeff Sheehan @jeffsheehan

Sheehan is a marketing wiz, and he is constantly bringing his advice to the 330,000 people who follow him. He is a great person to directly connect with through the medium, and he regularly posts content that he writes and podcasts. 

3. Elinor Stutz @smoothsale

Stutz’s company Smooth Sale is all about making the 21st century business successful. While she posts plenty of content related to sales and marketing techniques and her appearances, she also provides a dose of daily inspirations to motivate you everyday. 

 4. Ken Krogue @kenkrogue

Krogue founded the Inside Sales website, which is one of the world’s leading sources for sales. He writes for Forbes, and his over 37,000 followers look to him for daily updates from his site.

5. Dr. Tony Alessandra @tonyalessandra 

An expert on retaining customers, Alessandra has a very active presence on Twitter. He shares his advice on a regular basis with the almost 8,000 people who follow him. As the founder of an assessment service to help business optimize productivity, he has insight on all factors that go into promoting products to clients.

6. Mark Hunter @thesaleshunter

Hunter has long worked as a sales consultant and has been involved with a number of Fortune 100 companies. He releases regular content in his blog and on social media that are full of useful advice.

7. Butch Bellah @salespowertips

Besides being a useful resource for sales consulting, Bellah is also a comedian (he did stand up for a number of years), so his account is great for useful information and plenty of laughs.

8. Nancy Nardin @sellingtools

Nardin is an efficiency expert, and she is full of advice on how to best use software to optimize your sales. Her advisory is one of the most well known ways of increasing productivity with sales.

9. Alen Mayer @mayeralen

Mayer is an excellent salesman, but his focus is on how those who tend to be more introverted can excel with sales. His account is a great way to help boost your confidence and find out new ways of engaging with clients.

10. Geoffrey James @sales_source

Author, speaker, and general sales and career advice expert, James continues to post a range of different content related to business practices that can be helpful in understanding customers and employees. 

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