By Templamatic in Site News & Announcements on Date 03/27/2008

Welcome Beta Testers

We greatly appreciate your interest and support and thank you for registering for the beta prgram.

Let the beta testing begin!

The goal of the beta period is to upload and add as many templates as possible to We are starting with a completely clean slate, with our own templates and with yours.

Rather than adding lot's of low quality templates to give the impression of having a full catalog, we are taking the opposite approach. We're starting from zero and working our way up with nothing but hiqh-quality templates that are relevant to todays market of bloggers, online businesses and individual site owners.

As part of our beta program, we fully expect you to participate in the uploading of new web templates. We also hope that during this process we can gain feedback from you about your experience, and listen to your suggestions.

We have spent over six months working on this site, but we know it is far from perfect. So if you notice something that isn't quite right, please feel free to let us know.

Leave a comment in the blog. Post a thread in the forum. Hop on live chat and talk to us directly.

Templamatic aims to be your primary tool for selling web templates online and we are committed to making this process excellent!

What do you get in for your time and effort? Apart from the joy of participating in a new and exciting community, we are giving a 5% commission bonus for all templates that are uploaded and accepted during the beta period. Need more motivation? Check out our other promotions!

We look forward to having you apart of the Templamatic team.


  • kandakov
    2 years ago
    Ben Harper aka bh4k staked on quality and its definitely a great strategy from a longterm perspective... till now Ive been approving majority of the templates paying little to no attention to the aesthetics of theme design as I really wanted to beta test the site functionality and let designers be as free as possible and see how it goes. but its going to change in 2016 as lots of effort will be invested in attracting potential buyers and I dont want visitors waste their time on browsing lowquality templates.
  • bh4k
    10 years ago
    Had some technical difficulties sending out the beta invites. Hopefully most of you got the email. We may send out another round of emails if it seems as though everyone didn't receive it.
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