Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Templamatic?

What is Templamatic?At Templamatic, passionate designers and ingenious programmers serve up flawless designs and code. We're creating something new—a marketplace for web templates that brings you awesome websites, ultra-clean code, and aesthetics that shine.TOP

How do I access my account?First register for an account. Then log in and click on your username within the shopping cart area to access your account.TOP

How do I buy a template?It's easy. Register for a free account and log in. Then browse and search for templates to suit your style. Add templates to your shopping cart, go through the check-out process, and pay with your credit card.TOP

What if I need to download the template again?Some template websites only let you download once. Not Templamatic. When you buy a template from us, it's yours forever. So if you need it again, just log in to Templamatic, go to your account purchases page, and download your template again.TOP

What is included in my purchase?You'll get html and css files as well as the template's original artwork. You'll also get any fonts and programming files the template needs. Additional instructions may also be included with your download.TOP

Will I receive technical support with my purchase? Every authour is responsible for aftersale technical support. In case the author is not willing to provide technical support he/she is obliged to mention this in the template details .TOP

Is there a refund policy?Once you've purchased and downloaded your template, we're unable to provide a refund. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, please write our support team with an explanation and we'll review the refund request on a case-by-case basis.TOP

Who makes the templates sold on Templamatic?Our templates come from the design community at large, as well as Templamatic staff who routinely add templates to the site.TOP

I want to buy a template. What software do I need?To make full use of your template, you'll need image-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and an html-editing program such as Adobe Dreamweaver. There's also a wide range of freely available tools you can use.TOP

Who do I contact if I need help with my template? You can get technical support directly from a template author via comment systems ot private messages.TOP

How do I customize my template?For more details on customizing your template, read the free tutorials in the blog. Or you can ask template authors to do customizations for extra cash. TOP

How do I sell my templates to Templamatic?Once you've created an account and logged in, go to the upload page and upload your template. Specify a unique name and set the price for your template. Uploading a template will put it into our review queue, where we approve or decline your template.TOP

Is registration FREE?Yes.TOP

How do I get paid and how much can I make? After earning a minimum of $100, designers can be paid out once a month via PayPal. Designers earn a commission 90% or 50% on the sale price for every one of their templates purchased.TOP

How do I know how many template I've sold?Your sales information is available 24/7 in your account sales dashboard. You'll see lots of additional info there to help you track your sales. All commissions are displayed in your account once customer payments have cleared. Under the rare event that a refund is issued, you may see it reflected in your sales number.TOP

What type of templates do you accept? We accept templates built for the most popular CMS platforms, including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. and we are glad to accept themes for less known and underrated CMS as well as plain HTML/CSS templates. You are more than welcome to suggest a new CMS to be mentioned in our list.TOP

What happens if I want to remove my templates from the site?Please email, and we can discuss it with you.TOP