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Tabular vs CSS Layouts

msmall: (2008-03-27 21:18:02)
Tabular vs CSS Layouts
msmall: (2008-03-28 03:18:02)
What are people's opinions on this?
bh4k: (2008-03-28 04:08:52)
are you kidding me?
bh4k: (2008-03-28 04:15:41)
Table's are so 1994.
msmall: (2008-03-30 23:06:27)
Well, I think css can be incredibly difficult to maintain if you are not the original person who did the css and html layout. You can't simply move something from one place to another without it looking wrong because it was inheriting some sort of css from the original section.
drtemplamatic: (2008-03-31 17:02:16)
Tabless layouts are great. In theory. But not in practice. Too hard to maintain. Impossible to make cross-browser compatible without hacks. The browser support for CSS is not yet at the level needed for consistent easy cross-browser CSS only sites. Consider the time,work and effort needed to make a three column layout in CSS, vs one table. Keep it simple. Minimize the use of tables, but don't go fanatically spending hours reinventing the table because its the "new trend".
bh4k: (2008-03-31 20:50:15)
Umm.. what? Are we living in the dark ages? Even caveman know that tables are extinct.
msmall: (2008-04-02 17:06:47)
How does that post logically argue your point of view? I agree with drtemplamatic that browser capabilities are just not there yet OR perhaps those laying out with css need to come up with some better standards. As an engineer, I have had some very frustrating times trying to integrate asp code to a site built with css. I try to extract code so it can be reused, since it LOOKS the same and it FUNCTIONS the same, but snapping the extracted code into 2 different pages ends up looking completely different, because of other styles and things going on in the two different pages. At least with the experience I have had with it, css layout does not promote good code reusability and just by looking at it, it is not apparent what the style is really doing.
bh4k: (2008-04-03 15:57:16)
Perhaps you just need more exposure to it and more time working with it. If you take a look at all the templates sold on Templamatic, none of them use tables and they work well across browsers. Also, take a look at a site like and you will get a better sense of what is possible using CSS.
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