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Flash/HTML hybrid templates?

tallmike: (2008-04-01 17:16:37)
Flash/HTML hybrid templates?
tallmike: (2008-04-02 00:16:37)
Hi guys! Great site! Just wondering if you'll be supporting Flash & HTML hybrid sites at any time? I've got some sites with flash headers and flash nav elements that would be great for the site.
bh4k: (2008-04-02 01:07:43)
Hi Tallmike,

We will accept templates that have some Flash in them as long as they are not Flash based templates. There are many other sites that focus purely on flash templates and for the time being, we are focusing on html / css templates. We're looking forward to seeing your hybrids!
clarklab: (2008-04-02 08:06:36)
Its just personal opinion, but:

site built with flash only = gross site built with flash elements = awesome

so right on.