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Safari Bug in WPViddler Template

dansinch: (2008-04-15 19:58:37)
Safari Bug in WPViddler Template
dansinch: (2008-04-16 02:58:37)
I used the new WPViddler template on a site that I just built and a couple Safari users (including someone at VIddler) are reporting errors. For some people the videos just aren't showing up and for one person they got an error saying that a script was causing the Flash player to run slowly. I can't reproduce the error but I can confirm that the videos don't seem to load on the index page and the main Video page in Safari. They're OK on any single post page. Is there a script that is moving the Viddler movies into the left column? If so I think that might be part of the issue. You can see the site here:
clarklab: (2008-04-16 04:06:07)
The videos are pulled into the left column with a bit of CSS. Are the people who can't see them reporting they are just completely gone, or that the flash is giving the error, or that it won't play?
bh4k: (2008-04-16 04:07:54)
Hey dansinch, thanks so much for posting the link. The site looks great! we will look into the issue and see if we can come up with a resolution.
bh4k: (2008-04-16 06:03:18)
Hi dansinch, We have fixed the safari display bug and the updated code is now available by downloading the template file. If you want to apply the code fixes to your existing code, simply make the following changes: in style.css, remove "overflow:hidden" for the following 3 classes: .video-box .featured .latest-video-post We also noticed a small overlap in the transparent backgrounds that is only visible on a darker background such as the one you are using. To remedy this, we have changed the margin to 0 for the .container class. For your reference, the updated code for the container should be: .container { overflow: hidden; width: 100%; margin: 0; } Thanks again for making us aware of the issue. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
bh4k: (2008-04-17 16:21:16)
Found a nice write up of your site on the viddler lab blog today. Congrats!