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new template Mass Appeal

bh4k: (2008-05-03 18:38:39)
new template Mass Appeal
bh4k: (2008-05-04 01:38:39)
I just published a fun new template called MassAppeal. I pictured this as a gossip or celebrity blog, but I think it's a great blog structure that could be adapted for lots of uses. I will publish the Wordpress version shortly. Feel free to share your thoughts on the design.
Isaure: (2008-05-07 00:51:50)
I like it a lot!
Hastings: (2008-05-21 13:26:09)
I really like that whole large-text navigation thing, lookin good, keep it up man.
bh4k: (2008-06-03 16:08:45)
Thanks! I like the big navigation as well. I think it makes things super easy to use and read.
outset: (2008-06-12 09:34:45)
It looks good. I just think that you should move a little bit right down block. It is not aligned to the left blocks.
bh4k: (2008-06-13 04:09:02)
Are you referring to the Ad block? I guess you are right that it's not perfectly aligned with the blog headlines on the left. Good eye!