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upload question

cookie: (2008-06-18 15:54:01)
upload question
cookie: (2008-06-18 22:54:01)
When uploading a template what do we put for the preview path? Should I just put /index.html or what?
bh4k: (2008-06-18 23:34:34)
Hi Cookie! Good question. The "preview path" field in the upload form refers to a website where the admins can review your template before downloading it and installing it. So, for example if you have a copy of your template installed on your own server, you would put the url to it in the preview path field. Let me know if this answers your question.
cookie: (2008-06-18 23:40:13)
Thank you very much it did answer my question. It was a rather dumb question now that I think about it.
bh4k: (2008-06-18 23:43:47)
To be honest, when I laid out that page in html, I wasn't sure what the best way to word it was. So, I am not surprised it is confusing. If you can think of a better way to say it, let me know. Thanks for the question. Looking forward to your upload!
mrqnka: (2009-10-08 10:20:45)
Hello, I was wondering if this preview should only stay until the template is approved? Can it be on some free hosting? Also, I couldn't find information about the following (sorry if I am bumping an old thread or asking in the wrong one) Am I allowed to offer for sale the template I upload here on my own website also?
Templamatic: (2009-10-08 14:48:45)
Hello, Yes the preview need to stay only until the template approved (for html & CSS Template). For Wordpress, you need to provide a database sample with example posts if you can't host the theme. and yes, you are allowed to offer the template on your own website
iconify: (2011-08-27 14:32:31)
I was confused by the wording on the upload form too. I think "preview URL" would be much more clear. That being said, the form really needs some tooltips as I was unclear about the "Unique Price" and what a typical price might be. For example 100 times the template price? 50 times?
Templamatic: (2011-08-27 19:25:37)
Hi Iconfy, the Templamatic is about to be re-launched on new CMS in September and we'll take into consideration all your remarks. Thanks for your feedback ! The price of the template can depend on its type and you are more than welcome to experiment with it as you can always change it at any time.
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