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polimo: (2010-12-20 03:38:12)
polimo: (2010-12-20 10:38:12)
Hello,friends! After some bad experience with a few marketplaces,I want to share with you a list with websites, where you can sell your digital products and make money for real. This is not an advertise,I just want to help people not to be cheated (like me)! The websites in my list are honest and always pay on time! I am really happy to be their member! (about the last website-it is new,but I think,that it will grow fast,because I am a member there and if you check it better you will understand that you can make a very good money there.I receive the payments always on time and the most interesting thing is that there is no any sign up fees.And the most thing I like there is that there is a fixed minimum price at $2 for selling your products.I contact the team and think that they will become very big website,because of the fixed price.Yes,tradebit also have it,$0.50) You can sell there almost all kind f digital products.It is new website an
Templamatic: (2010-12-20 19:15:24)
Polimo thank you for sharing your personal experience with marketplaces. I am as a new owner of Templamatic (since November 16 2010) will do my best to adopt the best practices and come up with great offers both for designers and customers. P.S. at the moment the site is being reconstructed and I am working on the strategy of promotion. Lex Koff
polimo: (2010-12-29 09:19:34)
Hello! I wish you to become the best website in your field and to be correct and honest to your customers. Good Luck!
Templamatic: (2013-11-13 08:46:16)
we'll do our best =)!