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WPViddler - Setting it up properly...

VideoOptimize: (2008-07-02 18:59:14)
WPViddler - Setting it up properly...
VideoOptimize: (2008-07-03 01:59:14)
I don't understand where to get this from or what to put in these boxes in the viddlerRSS Plugin area... Where do I get these URL's from? For Example - URL: e.g. Full Path: e.g. /home/path/to/wp-content/viddlerrss/cache/ Thanks... I've kinda go the site laidout and set up at but im a newbie learning any help is greatly appreciated.
bh4k: (2008-07-03 04:36:24)
The viddler RSS is a plugin that pulls thumbnail images of your recent Viddler videos from your Viddler account and displays them on your website. So, if I am understanding you correctly, you would need to get the url of your rss feed from within your Viddler acccount. Let me know if this helps, or if you need more info.
VideoOptimize: (2008-07-04 09:01:43)
Thanks that did help.
bobswana: (2008-07-04 20:38:52)
I have figured out what my rss feed is from Viddler. Could you please tell me which field the rss feed url goes into. I have tried varies combinations between the two fields indicated above. I would assume it goes in url: as well where it indicates a full path, does this require me to create a cache sub directory in my wp-content for viddler rss and another sub directory for cache? I appreciate your help. I have cannot seem to get this part figured out.
bh4k: (2008-07-06 21:10:21)
Here is what I think you need to do to make this work: 1. Login to your Wordpress. 2. Click on "settings" 3. Choose "ViddlerRSS" from the secondary navigation at the top of the page. 4. Set your Viddler username. Let me know if this helps, or if I can be of further assistance.
: (2008-08-31 08:24:05)
This theme is not working for some reason...I have a Viddler account and plenty of videos, but they are not displaying as they should. Here is the site: Thanks!
bh4k: (2008-09-02 05:34:29)
What's not working for you? Everything looked OK to me.
bh4k: (2008-09-14 21:14:37)
It looks like you got it all sorted out. Your site is looking great!