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Template selling

StefanKlokgieters: (2013-05-03 11:57:37)
Hi everyone, I have a question... If i sell my template can it be unlimited distributed by the customer? I know that on themeforest you can buy the template once or you can buy an extended license. Hope somebody can help me. Stefan
Nighthawk: (2013-08-15 18:04:36)
Well that's your choice, you can either allow them to do that in the license (or readme.txt or whatever you provide) or not allow them to redistribute your template.
Templamatic: (2013-11-13 08:31:33)
Hi StefanKlokgieters, yes Nighthawk is absolutely right regarding this question. You can specify all the terms in your own license... we might add a new Tab or Field in a template description area that would let authors show the license terms of their products.