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A bit of help to get me going?

Nighthawk: (2013-08-15 18:14:33)
Hello, I'm a web designer, and learning. I can make html, css and php websites with ease. I'm looking forward to sell templates here in the very near future. What I'd like to know is how to sell it. I know you guys do the rest, but I mean how to do it on my side. I can make the template, then what? Is there a specific kind of form it has to be in or something, or can anyone of you tell me how I am supposed to present it to the customer? Is it just plane interface regarding folders (css, images etc) and htm
Templamatic: (2013-11-13 08:24:22)
Hello Nighthawk, I am sorry for a delayed reply. In your profile click the tab 'Upload New' and fill out all the fields of the form. All the template files have to be in a zip archive as for the preview images they are ought to be in jpg format. You can hover over the field titles to see the tips and instructions regarding this specific field. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.