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Template format

Themerboy: (2009-01-12 03:43:57)
Template format
Themerboy: (2009-01-12 10:43:57)
Hi, What kind of File formats are you accepting (.html) etc? Thanks.
parajuli: (2009-01-12 23:53:32)
You need an whole package, HTML, PSD(if you are using photoshop), Template Preview...
coder: (2011-12-02 20:25:55)
If I do not have a PSD file. Will you accept it? Thanks.
Templamatic: (2011-12-03 01:43:51)
Yes, we accept web templates without PSD files.
JessicaFlair: (2013-08-19 00:59:21)
I always use HTML format. I have question regarding the CSS and HTML5 which one is the more efficient.
Templamatic: (2013-11-13 08:17:47)
Hello JessicaFlair, now when all the latest versions of main browsers support HTML5 it's a good marketing strategy to code templates in it as there's certain hype about all innovations and our analytics definitely proves that =)