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Approval wait time

heyyjuuude: (2009-11-02 09:21:47)
Approval wait time
heyyjuuude: (2009-11-02 16:21:47)
hey whats the average time it takes a template to be approved/rejected from the time you upload it?
JulienSentier: (2009-12-30 14:09:35)
I'm also wondering about that ..
inthel: (2010-01-02 16:31:02)
interesting question
ideea: (2010-01-04 09:51:08)
certain ... more than two days i uploaded a file seven days ago and it is still in "pending". bad recomandation for this marketplace(the reviewer seem to forgot about us)
Templamatic: (2010-12-13 22:40:39)
the site has just gotten a new uber enthusiastic owner and I am willing to make this marketplace most transparent and democratic. in case you are willing to help anyhow or have some suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line =)
pempselldesign: (2010-12-15 22:28:02)
Hello, I recently discovered this website and am interested in uploading some work. When processing my first upload the site ran into a server error. Please let me know when the uploader is back online and I will try reuploading. My email is:
Templamatic: (2010-12-15 23:32:57)
Hello Chris, Thank You for reporting a bug. Our programmer is fixing the problem and you'll be informed via the e-mail once the issue is resolved.
Templamatic: (2010-12-26 15:18:52)
The upload has been fixed ! Dear web designers please note that Templamatic is being reconstructed as well as its marketing strategy is still being developed and tested. However you can register and you'll be notified via e-mail when we are launched and are able to guarantee that your website templates will be exposed to a large number of possible customers.
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