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Angel Andraca: (2010-05-09 12:08:48)
Angel Andraca: (2010-05-09 19:08:48)
Hi Everyone! I am new at this page and I just have a question. When I upload a web design, how do I get pay? It is by Paypal? or how? Sincerely, Angel Andraca
Angel Andraca: (2010-05-22 18:08:53)
Oh! I see now! =) Thank you so much
Templamatic: (2010-12-12 23:38:19)
You get commissions via PayPal however we are planning to integrate more payment systems. You may also contact me directly for personal payment solution in case you are not able to accept PP payments.
lmathye: (2017-02-11 08:01:44)
Hi, when do we setup or link our paypal with Templamatic, is it during withdrawal or before that on setting somewhere?