Restorant Drupal Template by violleta



1. Copy or upload theme files exported from Artisteer into the newly created ltMyNewThemegt folder.

2. Log in to your Drupal Administration.

3. Go to Drupal Administration gt Appearance

4. Select your newly uploaded theme from the list of available themes for your site.

5. Click the Save configuration button to save your changes.

6. After installing please go to Drupal Administration gt Appearance, enable and set default the theme.

7. Go to Drupal Administration gt Modules. Enable the module for import theme content in Drupal. Alternatively you can install content as a module.

8. Go to Drupal Administration gt Structure gt Menus. Edit an existing menu or create a new one. Check the Expanded option for parent menu items if you want to create a drop down horizontal menu (going ltMenuNamegt gt list links gt ltmenu linkgt gt edit).

9. Go to Drupal Administration gt Structure gt Blocks. Place menu into the Menu region. If you would like to configure a vertical menu, choose Vertical menu in the left or right sidebar region.