Skin 1 - Time For Business HTML/CSS Template by Rocklin

Skin 1 - Time For Business


help.txt, help.html



Skin no 1 is clean HTML template based on Bootstrap from Twitter. It is clean, responsive and easy to use. It can be used for any profesional corporate website.

Site uses :

Bootstrap http:twitter.github.combootstrapindex.html


The template uses responsive css as well.

Use bootstrap documentations for more options http:twitter.github.combootstrapgettingstarted.html

Version 1.0.


application.css overrides some of the bootstrap styles, colors, navigation buttons and so one.


Line 3170 in index.html (and other files as well) is responsible for top navigation bar.nbsp

Infile comments are available in help.html

Line 42:

Your nbspcompany name eventualy logo in ltimggt tag.

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp lta class=brand href=index.htmlgtHelp File View source for commentsltagt

Line 43:

Main navigation structure begins

Line 45:

Links are put between ltligtltligt tags like on the example.nbsp

ltagt tag is a ling and show that where to go by href=filename.nbsp

You can see that the filenames are in fact there in examlpes so you should have an idea.nbsp

To mark the active site use class=active in your ltligt tag.nbsp

Line 49:

Ive made Dropdown link as a dropdown, so you can see how easy it is with bootstrap.nbsp

This is the dropdown list definition container. It is again ltligt tag with class=dropdownnbsp

so it would be visible only after pressing the button.

Line 51:

Dropdown list definition is below. Between the ltligtltligt tag you set a linksnbsp

that would aprear after dropdown is pressednbsp

Line 62:

This is a slick login form if you would like to integrate this site with some sort of backend.nbsp

As its just a form its not doing anything. Remove it if you dont need it