Light Touch Wordpress Template by igor3310

Light Touch


Theme Options have settings as follows:1) The ability to change the background of sections Header , Content , Footer . nbspBesides, the section Header can also change its degree of transparence. 2) The ability to separately change data or switch off in the section Sub Header nbspsuch fields as telephone, email, URLs of social buttons, forms of entering and searching, or switch of Sub Header completely (in this case it is reasonable to use 3 widgets in the Header section)or change its color. 3) There are 3 loaders of images for the logo in the Header, site favicon, Sub Header Images.4) Create a slider and locate it on the homepage. 5) Change sidebar layout for the homepage, categories, single post, page they will be general settings for types of pages, as long as for each concrete category, single post, page you can set your own sidebar layouts, which will be of higher priority for general settings. nbsp nbsp6) Paste fields of Google Analytics or other, inscriptions in the footer, own CSS code.7) Change Googlefonts for Main Menu, tags H1, H2, H3H6, and their color also. nbsp nbsp 9) Output processing for the homepage. One can use Categories Options for each single category:1) Choice of the format of the content output and number of columns.2) Change the sidebar layout3) SEO Title, Meta description, Meta keywords.4) 2 formats of tags output in the posts or switch them off completely. Single Post amp Page options:1) Change the sidebar layout for each single entry. 2) SEO Title, Meta description, Meta keywords nbsp If Meta description is not shown, nbspthen the first 120 symbols from the text of the entry are taken. 3) Choice of the number of columns ndash only for Gallerytype entry.4) 3 Formats standard ,aside , gallery5) As a preview output the video, paste the code into the field Prew Video, the code example for pasting.