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template 3510



HTML Files

  • index.html Home Page (Slider Revolution slider)
  • indexflexfade.html Home Page (Fade effect for Flexslider2)
  • indexflexslide.html Home Page (Slide effect for Flexslider2)
  • about.html About Us Page
  • columns.html Columns Page (you can see different layouts)
  • services.html Services Page
  • elements.html Page Elements Page (bricks for building your site)
  • pricingtables.html Pricing Tables
  • portfolio2cols.html Portfolio 2 columns Page
  • portfolio3cols.html Portfolio 3 columns Page
  • portfolio4cols.html Portfolio 4 columns Page
  • portfoliodetails.html Portfolio Single Project with details
  • blog.html Blog Page with Post Formats
  • post.html Single Post Page
  • contacts.html Contacts Page