Responsive ApPHP Shopping Cart ApPHP Template by appphpapp

Responsive ApPHP Shopping Cart


Installation Guide

A new installation of ApPHP Shopping Cart Template is a very straight forward process:nbsp

Step 1. Uncompressing downloaded file.

Uncompress the ApPHP Shopping Cart Template archive. The archive will create a directory called PHPSC_TPL_RESPONSIVE.

This directory contains 2 subdirectories :

  • Template directory : Contains the componenets of the template ( header, default , footer , css and images )
  • Class directory : Contains new custom php class needed for the template
  • Step 2. Uploading files.

    Upload content of Template folder (all files and subdirectories it includes) to the templates directory of your shopping cart site directory using FTP. Pay attention to DONT use the capital letters in the name of the folder (for Linux users). For example:


    Upload content of Class folder (all files it includes) to the includesclassdirectory of your shopping cart site directory using FTP. For example:


    Step 3. Selecting a template.

    Now you can select this template for your site. To do this, log into Administrator Panel of your site and go tonbspltst