Jas HTML/CSS Template by avilial



What kind of websitesnbspis this template for?nbsp This template is great for personal websites where the person can bring together all of their social media profiles together.Is this template compatible with my visitors browser?nbsp This template is compatible with one of the worst web browsers ever creatednbspnbsp Internet Explorer 8, and I dout many of your potential visitors use it. This template is compatible with any of the major web browsers in use.Isnbspthe white and graynbspthe only color option I have?nbsp No! At the bottom of the main.css file in the assetscss folder you have a colors section withnbspthree more color schemes available. All you have to do is uncomment the color pattern you would like to use and comment out any other color schemes available. But if you have any trouble with the customization feel free to contact me at trajchevivangmail.com