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How can I edit the website I have purchased on templamatic?Download the zip file from templamatic, unzip it and put your files in your Dropbox or Owncloud or github or FTP. The zip contains files and folders, and a special file called editable.htmlThen go to and open the editable.html file from Silex.Feel free to ask questions here we can help youWhere can I host my websiteThis template is made of standard html and js and css and images files, which can be put online with any hosting. You can publish your website from Silex and then move the optimized version of your site online.Is Silex really free and why?We are passionate contributors and people who use Silex for personal and professional use. Silex Labs use Silex to teach web design to beginners. We put our efforts together to develop our tool our way.Here you will find the official FAQ.