Black White Orange Bootstrap Single Page HTML/CSS Template by stinkyrabbit

Black White Orange Bootstrap Single Page


A) Structure in files:



nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp index.css


nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp gallery ...

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp icons ...

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp news ...

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp partners ...

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp port ...

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp header1.jpg

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp header2.jpg

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp header3.jpg

js ...

library ...


nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp contact_me.php

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp subscribe_me.php

nbsp nbsp nbsp nbspnbsp

B) Steps to change content for your website:


1) Open file index.html in text editor (recomended to download and install Notepad)

2) All text between tags can be changed, please change only texts, do not change tags (e.g ltdivgt).

3) To see result while editing please save file and open it in browser.


1) All images are in folder img redistributed in folders.

2) When changing name of the file please change also path to this image in index.html.

3) Images in folder imgnews should have square dimensions to display as cirlcle image.

4) Images in folder imggallery shuld have the same dimensions, this mean they can be bigger but recommended to be equal in size.

5) Main header image is in folder img under name header1.jpg,header2.jpg ,header3.jpg nbspto edit path go to file index.css.

The header is display as background, it will resize automatticly to the size of screen,

if you wish to switch this off please go to file jsscript.js and comment out function autoGrow.


1) Open file jscontact_me.js.

2) Edit line 69 your email to receive subscription requests.

3) Edit line 70 your no reply address visible in message sended to subscriber.

4) You can check if sending email is working only when upload on server and this server operate with PHP files. If you still have problems please check your server sett