Catering Time HTML/CSS Template by ev1ls0ul

Catering Time



Catering Site was developed with xhtml and css3, validate with wc3 validator.


Css: There are all stylesheets of the web site.

Demo: There images, stylesheets and javascript of the slider (niveo slider).

Fotos: There are photos of the services page.

galerias: There are frames of the services section.

img: There are images of all website, including logo, background, facebook image and twitter image.

js: There are javascript libraries including jquery library.

Themes: There are themes of nivo slider you can change.


1. Index.html (index page):

We can change all text with dreamweaver or any other html design software.

There are a slider (nivo slider) you can find more help in

2. Empresa.html (About page):

There are a description of your bussiness and an image with css animation (hover animation).

3. Productos.html (Services page):

There are a javascript animates gallery.

There can find an iframes that links web pages inside gallery folder.

You can change background lines of all items (Awnings, Glassware, Flatware, Chairs and Tables, Plated, Buffet, Waiters and Barman, Sound and Light, Lounges and Decoration).

Gallery Folder:

Inside Gallery Folder you can find web pages including in Services page.

You can modify Caption Text and Title of all of service.

4. Cotizacion.html (Price page):

There are a sample form of Pricing, you can change the fields and labels of the form.

Includes a javascript calendar that you can configure. The format of month, day and year.

The styles of the submit button are in Css stylesheet with boton name.

5. Contacto.html (Contat page):

There are a contact form you can configure (fields and labels).

There are a google map iframe, you can change. Enter in and choose your country, folow the steps nbspand insert the code inside